Universal Basic Income

Indonesian Basic Income Guarantee Network (IndoBIG)

Founder, Indonesian Basic Income Guarantee Network (2017): https://indobig.net/ 

I founded the IndoBIG Network on October 27, 2017, while pursuing my doctoral degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia. My interest in inequality and extreme poverty has led me to various discourses and debates in the United States at that time, including the idea of Universal Basic Income (UBI). I have read many books and listened to arguments about this idea, including former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. I feel that this idea must be disseminated and even implemented as quickly as possible. While building and expanding this network, I also met and learned from various activists and scientists who support UBI worldwide.

UBI Lab Jakarta

UBI Lab Jakarta: https://www.ubilabnetwork.org/ubi-lab-jakarta

After IndoBIG joined the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), I saw the progressive development of fellow UBI advocates in Sheffield, UK. Seeing their rapidly growing activism, I decided to learn more from them and finally joined the UBI Lab Network in 2019. We created UBI Lab Jakarta, and this organization is the first international branch of the UBI Lab Network outside the UK.

Jamesta Coalition

Koalisi Jamesta: http://jamesta.org/

While rolling out various discussions and webinars about UBI, we are consolidating the network of UBI supporters in Indonesia. After a long process and communication with many parties, in January 2021, we succeeded in holding the first basic income national congress in Indonesia, which later became known as the Jamesta coalition. This coalition consists of various civil society organizations, researchers, and individuals motivated to encourage and support UBI implementation in Indonesia.

Jamesta Istimewa

Jamesta Istimewa is a Basic Income experiment that is managed & funded independently through crowdfunding and implemented in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). The program aims to provide income guarantees to residents of Yogyakarta (DIY) of IDR 500,000 /month/person for six months. This pilot program targets a minimum of 100 residents of Jogja who will be randomly selected as recipients (25) and control group (75). The purpose of this experiment is to create solidarity in economic recovery during the pandemic and seek empirical evidence of the impact of Basic Income on its recipients.